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Has your vehicle been involved in an accident and is not longer considered roadworthy? Is the vehicle too expensive to repair and is not worth as much as you first thought? If you want to sell your scrap cars in Epsom, Auto Recycling has been recycling vehicles in Epsom and throughout North and West London, Surrey and Berkshire for over 20 years.


When your vehicle is involved in an accident it can become very stressful, especially if the vehicle is written off the road. Not only do you have to repair and sell the vehicle, but you have to spend more money to replace the vehicle. Instead of spending valuable time and money repairing the vehicle and trying to sell it for as much as possible, why not let Auto Recycling buy the vehicle and deal with the disposal. This will not only take the large amounts of stress and pressure off your shoulders, but in return you receive some money that you can put towards a replacement.


Auto Recycling can buy all types of vehicles, from cars and vans to lorries and even forklifts, providing they still have four wheels, the battery and catalytic converter. We can collect the vehicle during all times of the day, and even at the weekends.


Once we have purchased the vehicle and collected it, it will be sent to be disposed of at one of the DVLA’s Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF). This will not only make sure that the vehicle is depolluted and recycled correctly, but that we are in full compliance with all environmental regulations.

If you want Auto Recycling to buy and recycle your scrap cars in Epsom, contact us today. Give us a call on 020 8814 2290 or 07932 596 734. Alternatively, you can enter all relevant contact details into the mandatory fields of our contact form, and we’ll look to get back to you as soon as possible to answer any queries you have or to arrange the collection of your vehicle.


✔ Hounslow

✔ Staines

✔ Kingston

✔ Slough

✔ Woking

✔ Watford

✔ Ealing

✔ Harrow

✔ Leatherhead

✔ Croydon

✔ London

✔ Surrey

✔ Berkshire

✔ Wembley

✔ Walton-On-Thames​

✔ Southall

✔ Uxbridge

✔ Twickenham

✔ Feltham

✔ Ashford (Surrey)

✔ Windsor

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