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As you will probably be fully aware that the governments and media keep trying to drum it into our minds that Recycling is the way to go in our current throw away society. 

What they so conveniently forget to tell us is that not everything that we decide to recycling to save the planet is that lots of the things that we do decide to recycle and dispose of doesn't always end up in the places that we are told that it is going to. 

We know that this is a Scrap Car , Scrap Van and other Scrap Vehicle Website  But we need to look at the bigger picture about the whole recycling process and Not just Scrap Cars , Scrap Vans , Scrap Metal and other Scrap Motor Vehicle related items. 

For instance: 
We all buy lots of Plastic related items on a daily basis and we are told to put them in our recycling bins outside our houses ready for the day when the bin men come and take it all away to what we believe to be recycled in an environmentally friendly way, But what most of us are not aware of is that lots of the items that we clean and put into the recycling bins are not actually recycled but instead are just sent off to the cheapest land fill site that your local council can find as they cannot cope with the amount of rubbish that they collect for recycling, We have been told for a number of years that plastic gets recycled into everyday items when infact they cannot cope with the amount of plastic that is Scrap and there are not enough buyers for it and it ends up in dumping grounds in developing countries instead of being used for what we believe it to be used for. 

Now back to our main point of Motor Vehicle Scrap, Just like Scrap Cars , Scrap Vans and other Scrap Vehicle related items. You see nearly all of the Cars , Vans , Trucks , Motorcycles and other Vehicles contain so much plastic and glass that it doesn't always get recycled like we hope and expect it to. We all seem to turn a blind eye to what we are told by the governments and the media and believe nearly everything that we are told. 

So it seems that sometimes the better option is not to just Scrap and recycle but instead why not reuse instead of recycle. Just because you feel that your old car or van should be Scrapped as it has failed its MOT or has other problems doesn't always mean that is beyond repair. It isn't beyond repair for everyone. For many many years lots of people in under developed countries could only ever dream of owning Any Car and Not a Great Car. We take the ownership of a vehicle for granted and not always a necessity. Now that for once, many under developed countries are starting to do rather well and there are hundreds of people who can now afford to buy a vehicle as means of Transport and for business which they could not do in recent times. 

Now it must make quite good economical and business sense to resell your old Scrap Car or Scrap Van to people that will buy it and export it to other countries who would put it to a very good use rather than just crush it for the Scrap Metal value.


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