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We pride ourselves in being one of the most reliable Scrap Car, Scrap Van, Scrap Lorry and Forklift Buyers in Your Area.


Since the European Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced in 2013 all Companies and Sole traders are required by law to be registered with their local council as a Scrap Metal Dealer if the Majority of their Business involves Buying any Scrap Metal, Scrap Cars, Scrap Vans and any other Motor Vehicle. If they are a Car Dealer or Van Dealer and the Vehicles that they may want to Scrap are ones that they may have taken in Part Exchange then they would not be required to be registered as a dealer of Scrap with their local Council or Authority.


The law also states that if the Car, Van, Lorry or any other Type of Scrap that is to be bought by the Dealer, They are Not Allowed to Pay Cash for it. 

If the dealer that is purchasing the Vehicle tells the Customer that they may not Scrap the vehicle then they are allowed to Pay Cash for it as it will Not be deemed to be going for Scrap or Recycling. 


There are Lots of Scrap Dealers that buy vehicles for Scrap and the customer is not aware that they might be selling it on to an unsuspecting customer who doesn't know that the vehicle was due to be Scrapped. However, we do sometimes tell the customer that the Vehicle that we are buying from them may be sold on to another customer for use in the UK or another Country which enables us to pay more than the scrap value of what they could normally achieve by insisting that it has to be Scrapped or Recycled.

There are a Number of different makes and models of Vehicles that we buy that we do actually sell for Export rather than have them Scrapped. 

We have customers that we deal with who come from Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Poland, Romania, Russia, Lithuania as well as other Eastern European countries.


✔ Hounslow

✔ Staines

✔ Kingston

✔ Slough

✔ Woking

✔ Watford

✔ Ealing

✔ Harrow

✔ Leatherhead

✔ Croydon

✔ London

✔ Surrey

✔ Berkshire

✔ Wembley

✔ Walton-On-Thames​

✔ Southall

✔ Uxbridge

✔ Twickenham

✔ Feltham

✔ Ashford (Surrey)

✔ Windsor

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